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Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights


Introducing our new, Early Spring assortment, galvanized by mysterious shadows, organic forms and early morning mists of Scandinavia. Skyscapes are ablaze with greyness and searing flower. These wonders inside the darkness, the marvels that inspire this assortment of casual, however stylish items.


Staples equally reception on the seat as they're exploring the wild. So here it's, Polar Lights. a set that brings comfy silhouettes to assist the United States of America begins the year with care and ease. Soft bamboo and comfy organic cotton fleece are key materials, making sleek, lust-worthy items.


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights


Ethereal tones of the aurora are seen through four key colorways – our coloring techniques transfer them alive. Associate in Nursing off-duty feel could be a core to the gathering. These items are created for you, and you simply – for relaxed weekends or out and regarding, it’s your alternative. Here are a number of our favorites from the new Early Spring collection…





DIP DYE high


The string center and dip dye style are what makes this highly distinctive. It comes in Associate in Nursing outsized suitable keep things casual, with simply born shoulders. we have a tendency to love this print such a lot that we determined to share a fast and simple ‘DIY dip dye’ tutorial below, for the creatives amongst the United States of America – why not try it for yourself?


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights


BORG jumpsuit


One of the foremost treasured items of the first Spring assortment, our Borg jumpsuit. It’s crafted from sleek soft bamboo and encompasses a synched waist. try this simple to wear piece with trainers Associate in Nursing an outsized knit for relaxed weekends.


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights




A popular style: our signature, bamboo slacks. excellent for your daily yoga, curling up with a book, or walking the dog. These ones are available our new Scandi-inspired print – in an exceedingly howling ocean blue. our favorite issue regarding these lounge pants is that the massive fold-over waistcloth. It’s versatile and forgiving, however adulatory too.


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights




Introducing our new, relaxed cowl neck high. It options a recent, woven  Tencel panel at the front with a bamboo jersey back and sleeves, creating it breathable and soft. This piece is straightforward however lovely and is bound to be a favorite for seasons to return.


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights




If you haven’t however tried our organic fleece-back material, you actually are missing out. Organic cotton is way drum sander than typical cotton, and thus a lot of kinder on the skin, creating this dress really sensational. Plus, the World Health Organization doesn’t love a dress with pockets?


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights






  • A white tee
  • Your alternative of eco-friendly dye
  • Salt
  • A deep receptacle or bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Water


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights




  1. Heat your water to around 60°C. Then pour it into your chosen instrumentality. you'll like regarding seven.5 liters of water for each pound of cloth.


  1. Stir the dye into the water. you'll be able to use either liquid dye or powder dye. what quantity you employ depends on how much material you're dying and the way dark you would like the color to be.


  1. Add some salt, if needed. every complete of dye is completely different, therefore you will not add this, however, salt is sometimes further to the dye bathtub to assist the dye to adhere higher to the material.


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights


  1. Dip the material into the dye. however so much you dip it in depends on how thick you would like the colored band to be. The deeper you dip the material into the dye, the thicker the band are. If you discover it easier, use a pin to mark wherever you would like the dye to finish. Dip the material into the dye slightly below the pin – the dye ought to sneak up the fabric slightly.


  1. For a gradient result, step by step pull the material out of the water. Leave the material within the dye for one minute, then pull it out a common fraction of the approach. Leave it there for two to three minutes, then pull it out by another third. sit up for five to six minutes, then pull it out the remainder of the approach.


  1. Rinse the jersey below cool water, ensuring you hold the un-dyed half at the highest.


  1. Finally, wash your jersey and leave to dry!


Early Spring Collection - Polar Lights