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10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


Salwar Suit is associate degree ensemble – you only can’t have enough in your wardrobe. The eclectic outfit keeps undergoing such a large amount of changes that it’s tough to stay track. whether or not you have got tonnes of attractive kurtis and Anarkali suits, there'll continually be this latest Indo-western suit to lure you. And, always remember, the endless selections you have got, in sleeves, lengths, bottom-types, silhouettes – prints, patterns and what not!


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


Happily, this is often one garment that has seen tremendous evolution – and has actually unbroken itself in tune with the worldwide fashion trends. So now, fret not! whether or not you're associate degree solely shalwar Suits woman – you won’t be left behind within the vogue race. From Western dress-inspired buoyant kameezes to essentially short hemlines associate degreed sensible bottoms like Palazzos and Trousers – the ethnic suits supply an inexhaustible vary. during this season – and within the past few – this is often one Indian ethnic ensemble that has extremely gone miles ahead.


  1. The flared high-low


Fusion is that the nonsensicality in fashion scenes – the globe over! most likely, it’s all to try to with the world Village development. No surprise then that the foremost common tunic style is galvanized by fairy tale frocks and Western robes.  Gathered at waist, generally, these designs look uber cool and female.


Style Tip – Add stilettoes or high-heels to feature height, as this one tends to chop height. It’s an excellent possibility for the tall and lanky belles.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


2. Front Jacket-Style Long Slit –


Extremely elegant and statuesque, this one appearance nice as casual-wear additionally as (if done right) formal and wedding wear. The long-jacket cut is additionally terribly flattering. Adding a grip to the long, flowy jackets are the mile-high center-slits, that create the full garment quite morish. they're typically created within the adorned fashion, that permits the designers to play with panels in multiple colors or prints.


Style Tip – Long jackets, if tailored well, are slimming. they're pretty much as good for tall divas as they are for the petite ones. A well-fitted, adorned look works the simplest. Modulate the peak of slit – relying upon however snug you're showing off your legs (best donned in slim, well-cut trousers) and/ or mid-riff.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


3. Frilly Double-layered


If you're into stylish suits, well, you can’t do while not the haute and royal double-layered line trend. This one started off with straight-cut, dual-colored tunics, went on to own a floor-length dress beneath with a straight-fit tunic over it, and currently has metamorphosed any. The layers are innovated upon in some ways – and therefore the cute decorated edged ones are super-hot straight away. to stress the flounce or ruched up look, you'll choose a floor-length lower layer, or get a reasonably folded flounce on the higher garment.


Style Tip – combine with fitted trousers or leggings to form a beautiful distinction – which can blow their own horns the ruffle superbly. The ruffled edges are created in varied ways in which, however, make sure the style doesn’t add bulk anyplace else, apart from the line. Floor-length styles too look super cute.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


4. A-Line High-Low Hemline


When we talk the asymmetrical hemlines, however, will we tend to forget this staple innovation! stylish and classy, the poker hems are exhausted most styles of tiptop – Indian or Western – nowadays. The straight, shorter front hem with a rounded edged longer back hem could be a lovely stroke of creativeness by a designer – that is bound to feature an additional dose of charm to the ensemble.


Style Tip – Besides breaking the monotony, these silhouettes add the illusion of height and in shorter styles, had best in covering up the back-side, which can be an issue space for a few girls.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


5. Thigh-high Side Slit


Besides the hemlines, the opposite style side that has gathered lots of interest is that the slit. Placed strategically – on a well-cut tunic/ tunic – slits will instantly up the trend quotient. But, of course, the regular aspect slits are out – for an honest reason! Our fashion guru predicts that the approaching times can see a fair larger inter-mingling of the Indian and Victorian, Western and world trends – and this is often wherever the stunning thigh-high aspect slits aka those 70’s vogue esthetic Maxis can are available in play.


Style tip – Unless you're skinny and tall, avoid voluminous tunics with long side-slits. Same goes for those gathered at the waist. If your tunic is obvious or low on drama – add some embroidery or patterns to the underside.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


6. Floor-length A-line flared


Can’t beat the purple charm of this refined, stylish nonetheless extraordinarily enthralling look! strive it in numerous materials and prints. whereas wedding suits are nice during this style, you'll additionally incorporate them in your regular-wear wardrobe, as they're low on drama and straightforward on the attention.


Style Tip – Play with sleeves to make a totally different appearance. This one may be a nice substitute for Anarkalis or voluminous floor-length styles, that can’t be worn for day functions or for everyday wear.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits 


7. Long, front-open, floor-length Jacket


A look borrowed from the Royals, this one has been a continuous favorite, whenever making a luxury feel is on agenda. Long floor-length jackets and capes are trendy, as they're a straightforward thanks to producing stylish fusion appearance. select a protracted cape within the same hue because the floor-length Anarkali or tunic beneath, or decide one in an exceedingly contrastive color.


Style Tip – If your inner tunic is in significant material, make sure the cape isn't associate degree equally dense cloth. Same goes for prints and patterns. Don’t repeat them on each the tunic and jacket.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


8. Dhoti-style High Slit


Quite on a revival trip, the dhoti-style is back with a bang – however now, the full focus is on the tunics. rather than creating the underside dhoti-style – the standard approach – the designers have competed with the tunic, giving it a dhoti-like adorable silhouette – terribly charming, fully unique!


Style Tip – combine with trim trousers, because the high is usually commodious and has material creases. So, it’s best to stay the quantity low – in pants. select belts and wide waistbands to emphasize the mid-section and provides a definition.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


9. Inverted V Front Slit Tassled


Super trendy and stylish, this one has associate earthy charm – particularly the tassles that are super-in-vogue. Use colorful thread tassles or choose the beautiful hand-made ones. this can be a superb form to outline your waist – produce the illusion of a slimmer mid-riff.


Style tip – swank your navel providing you're snug and assured doing, therefore. don't use this inverted V vogue, if you're associate hour-glass, heavier on the underside form.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits


10. Stylish Layered Tunic


A lovely concoction of new-age slits, layers, and hemlines, this style-edge adds drama and depth to your ensemble – and encompasses a girly, bohemian charm. you'll be able to strive it for every kind of party-wear and festive-season suits – and in easier, loom cotton, get them for every-day, office-wear for a glam fusion charm.


Style Tip – try with smoke pants or leggings. this is often a rather difficult territory, particularly if you would like to wear these fashionable creations to the council chamber. select slimmer cuts – and low volume layers. Plain tunics with no busy prints or gildings look the most effective during this style.


You can currently see these attractive styles in an exceedingly saveable Infographic – which can conjointly facilitate your take it as a prepared reference, once you venture out to buy or visit your designer/ tailor.


10 Latest Tunic Styles in Ethnic Salwar Suits